Taking it All Off Before the Gym… Your Makeup, That Is

You rush out of work and head straight to the gym.
You make time in between your classes to get a quick workout in.
You head to yoga class after having run errands all day.

No matter how or when you decide to workout, there’s one thing that many women neglect to do right before their workout – removing their makeup.

If you’re not used to removing your makeup before your workout, you might want to start.

I’ll admit – I hadn’t been following until recently. I noticed that my face started breaking out more that I normally have and realized that something had to be done to change that. My sister had always expressed the importance of using makeup wipes before my workout but I never followed through (sometimes it’s good to listen to your older siblings). When I started researching the reasons WHY I needed to listen, it became obvious.

When we workout and sweat, our pores open up in an effort to cool down our bodies. So, when we wear makeup, we are blocking our “pores and glands, hindering [our] skin’s ability to breathe, which in turn can result in breakouts, blackheads and skin irritation.” Removing our makeup gives our skin the ability to breathe and be free.

“Clogged pores and sweat are a breeding ground for bacteria and breakouts” – Alexandra Perez Bonetti via Observer

So, removing your makeup before your workout is important, but so is washing your face afterwards. Since our pores are open at this time, it is the best time to wash our face to make sure that the sweat and dirt don’t settle into our skin before our pores tighten up. If we don’t wash our face at this time, breakouts are much more likely to occur.

When I realized all of this, what did I do?

The first thing I did was buy some makeup remover wipes to make the makeup removal process easier. The cheapest ones that I found were at Costco but you can find some on Amazon (of course), at Walmart, TJ Maxx, or any other store that carries beauty supplies. If you want to take it one step further, remove your makeup and cleanse your face before your workout to make sure that ALL makeup has been removed. I personally believe that a good makeup remover wipe will do the trick. When I started this habit, I started noticing some improvement in my skin – so you better believe I’m going to continue this!

So, what if you feel like you absolutely need to wear makeup at the gym?

If you don’t feel comfortable going to the gym without makeup, consider using “a light, oil-free tinted moisturizer” or powder instead of foundation. Foundation is the WORST for clogging pores. Going for something light and breathable is a better option. When it comes to eye makeup, stick to a waterproof mascara and avoid eye shadow, eyeliner, etc.

Have you made it a habit to remove your makeup? If you have, what are your steps to doing so? If you still wear makeup to workout, what are your go-to products? As always, I’d love to hear!

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