Vegan PB&J Coconut Bars

Recipe & Photo Credit: Katalyst Health


Ok, ok…. That’s enough of a throwback.

Alright ladies and gents. Prepare to have your taste buds be amazed. If you love peanut butter, coconut, and some sort of jelly, you’re in for a real treat. Even if you don’t like either of them, I’m almost CERTAIN you won’t be able to say no to these babies. What you may find interesting about this video is the fact that it was the FIRST time I had made these. I figured it would be fun to learn together and go with the flow.

Now, I must admit.. I never would have thought of this amazing concoction, so I have to give props to Katalyst Health for her creative mind. She did an amazing job with experimenting with all of these ingredients and coming up with a dessert that is to die for. The combination of all the flavors is absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to make different variations of these same bars. The best part about it is that they’re healthy and all-natural. You guys know how much I love guilt-free desserts!

Always remember – You don’t have to reach for something unhealthy like a donut, cake, or pie to get your sugar fix. Be smart and make your own healthy sweets to curb that sweet tooth.

If you give these a try, PLEASE let me know what you think and show Kat some love on her blog! Tag me on Instagram if you try them and show me your own creations! Have fun, experiment, and ENJOY!

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