Taking a Shower: A Post-Workout MUST

When you go to the gym, you are more than likely working hard and sweating as a result.  Once you’re done with your workout, you’re probably dripping in sweat. At this point, you have to make a serious decision – to shower or not to shower? (Although I’m not here to judge you, I hope you always choose to shower!) If showering isn’t already a part of your post-workout routine, let me tell you…. You’re about to learn why you NEED to start doing it.

The first thing that tends to come to mind is body odor – and who wants that?! If you skip the shower, your body will more than likely going to be producing a not-so-pleasant smell – ew. This is one of the most obvious reasons to hop in the shower and get rid of your sweaty smell. Although smelling good is important, it isn’t the biggest reason why you should clean yourself up.

If you ditch the shower and decide to stay in your sweaty clothes, you might run into bigger problems. Moisture “encourages the growth of germs, bacteria, fungus and yeast, which could invite a skin infection or cause breakouts.”

Um… ew.

I don’t know about you, but if there is anything I can do to prevent breakouts, I WILL DO IT. More importantly, I don’t want a skin infection and I’m sure you don’t either. Now, some of you may be thinking – “It can’t be THAT serious, can it?”

Why, yes, yes it can – especially if your body makes any sort of contact with any equipment during your workout.

This is because the equipment we use “can become colonized with viruses, fungi, and bacteria. Infectious diseases such as ringworm, bacterial infections, and viral warts are more easily transmitted in moist environments.” Need I say more? Think about it – this isn’t unrealistic. Take into consideration how many people use the SAME equipment you use. They’re sweating JUST like you are. Not to sound mean, but you never know what kind of germs and/or bacteria they may be carrying without even knowing it. Many people may not take the time to disinfect the equipment after they use it, so it’s much more likely that germs and bacteria are present and fighting to stay alive.

However, if you happen to not shower right after your workout, make sure you at least shower before you go to bed! When you neglect a shower all together, you’re spreading the dirt, salt, germs, bacteria, and who knows what else, onto your bed. This would mean that the next time you crawl into bed after showering, you’ve just brought all that nasty stuff back onto your clean self.  It sounds like an exaggeration, but it makes sense. Just at least make sure to shower before heading to bed and you’ll be good to go!

Now, if you absolutely have NO time or desire to shower before bed after a workout , there’s at least ONE thing you can do (besides reconsidering) – change out of your nasty, sweaty clothes. Try not to resort to this option because let’s face it, that’s kind of gross. Work out, hit the shower, and proceed to feel fresh and clean.

Is showering after your workouts already a habit for you? If it isn’t, tell me why – I promise I won’t judge!

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