Don’t Underestimate the Power of Breakfast

We’ve all been told at some point of our lives that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Although we’ve been told this, some of us still skip it for some reason. Trust me, I get it. Maybe you’re rushing out the door, forgot to prep it the day before, you’re not hungry, or maybe you skip breakfast out of habit.

“But, Kathie – breakfast isn’t my priority!”

Well, I am here to tell you that incorporating breakfast into your day is absolutely essential to function at your best.

If you’ve never thought about it, “breakfast” means you are “breaking the fast.” After having fasted throughout the night, “the blood sugar (glucose) we need to power our muscles and brains is normally low” right when we wake up in the morning. Then comes breakfast, which helps replenish the glucose we need. If we don’t provide our bodies with the nutrients it needs, “we may start tapping our energy reserves – including what’s stored in our muscle.”

We don’t want our bodies to do this!

Breakfast also has the ability of jump-starting our metabolism, thus increasing the amount of calories burned throughout the day. This is because eating breakfast sends a message to our bodies telling it “that there are plenty of calories to be had for the day.” On the other hand, when we skip breakfast, our body receives the message that it needs to conserve instead of burn energy, leading to a decrease in calories burned.

When you think about it, it all makes sense – when we aren’t fueling our body, we aren’t giving it the energy it needs to function properly. If you’ve ever skipped breakfast, you may have noticed that you were more tired and moody during the day. Your memory, concentration, and stress levels can be negatively affected if you do not eat breakfast. Additionally, you are more likely to reach for unhealthier options during the day because you feel hungry. Sometimes hunger gets the best out of us and we grab the easiest thing in front of us to satisfy our hunger. Instead of letting our hunger get to that point, the best thing to do is properly fuel your body in the beginning of the day.

So how can you make it a priority and a habit to eat breakfast?


If you find yourself rushing out the door every morning, consider prepping your breakfast the night before. This can be as easy as making overnight oats or a protein shake. There are so many wonderful things you can add into your overnight oats or protein shake to make it nutrient packed. Mix it up my adding flaxseed, chia, hemp seeds, protein powder, nuts, fruit, protein powder, or anything you want. The great thing is that it only takes a few minutes to prep and it will save you the headache of trying to eat in the morning.

If you would rather not prep anything, consider getting nutritional bars that supply you with the energy you need to get your day started. Other options include a banana, yogurt, Just grab and go!

If you have any breakfast favorites, please leave a comment below – we could all use some great ideas to start the day off right!

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Main Photo: Carleton Athletics

Breakfast Photo: Atlanta Medical Clinic


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