It’s Time to Stop Sitting at Work All Day

A desk job may not always be the most exciting or the most healthy. We are confined to our chairs when doing work on our computers and only get up when we do one of the following: going on break, lunch, the restroom, to grab some coffee – you get the point. Sitting on a chair for hours on end isn’t healthy. In fact, studies have shown that “too much sitting increases heart failure risk and disability risk, and shortens life expectancy.” So what can we do about this?

Get yourself a sit-stand workstation.

I know this may not be possible for everyone to get due to workplace and budget limitations, but if you can do it, get it! A sit-stand workstation allows you to raise your computer to eye level when standing. This gives you a rest from sitting all day – something that gets fairly tiring.

If we know that sitting all day is bad for our health, doesn’t it make sense to try to stand when possible? Gretchen Reynolds, an exercise research reporter for The New York Times wrote about research that stated that “standing up about every 20 minutes, even for only a minute or two, reduces your risks of developing diabetes and heart disease.” Similarly, Cornell University  recommends that you stand every 20 minutes. When you stand, make sure you move a bit. This gives you a “posture break” and the movement helps get your blood circulating through your muscles. Giving your body the chance to stand after being seated for so long is like “pushing a reset button on your body.”

By alternating between sitting and standing at your desk, you are giving certain body parts the ability to rest instead of straining and applying pressure to the same muscles.


Sitting all day isn’t very healthy, so make sure to stand when you can. If you have access to an adjustable standing desk, don’t think twice about it. If not, try talking to your boss about possibly purchasing one for you and other co-workers that are interested. If there is no possible way for you to get your hands on an adjustable standing desk, still make an effort to stand and move around 20 minutes. Give your body some time to “reset” and you’ll find that your energy and productivity may improve while your tiredness and fatigue may decrease.


Leave a  below if you have had any experiences with adjustable desks and what your thoughts are! Are you currently sitting all day at work? Has it been tiring or are you experiencing pain? Let me know!

Main Photo: Improvised Life

“Take a Stand” & “What We Learned Amazed Us” Photos: Zero Gravity Tables

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