Getting Creative With Cardio

I know how boring it can be to be stuck walking, jogging, or running on a treadmill. If you find yourself getting bored, you should consider switching up your cardio routine and looking into different options. You can get creative with your form of cardio. Trust me, you don’t HAVE to stay in the gym for it.

You can stay active while having fun!

Run Outdoors

By taking a run outside, you’re surrounding yourself with an environment that isn’t the gym. It is a natural environment that feels a little more freeing than being indoors. It’s amazing how much better you can feel just by going outside and getting some fresh air. All while enjoying the beautiful environment around you!

Outdoor Tennis

Depending on the weather in your area, you may want to consider inviting a friend(s) to a nearby park and playing some tennis. Tennis is a great work out that I can assure you… you will get a great workout in!


Take a Zumba class – whether it is offered by your regular gym or a different gym. Dancing is a fun activity and it can bring some enjoyment and excitement into your workout! And you never know… maybe you’ll discover some new dance moves!

Go Hiking

Get a your friends/family together and plan a hike somewhere in nature. Go up to the mountains, a local hike trail, and be adventurous! Use this opportunity to enjoy time with your loved ones while also working on your health. Hikes can be low impact and are a great way to challenge yourself while being surrounded by beautiful nature.

Join a Local Sports Team

Consider joining a sports team in your area or form your own! Get together with family, friends, and strangers to play basketball, soccer, football, volleyball or any other sport that interests you. Forming a team in doing a fun activity is a great way to make some new friends, have fun, and get some cardio in!

Go Swimming

If you live close to a pool, lake, or the ocean, go have some fun in the water! Another alternative to swimming is to go kayaking or paddle boarding. These are also great ways to break a sweat if you live in an area with warm weather. 

There are so many activities you can do as a form of cardio that don’t involve a treadmill, elliptical, or any other machine in the gym. Get creative and have fun! If you have any favorite ways to do cardio, no matter what they are, please leave a comment below – I would love to hear!

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Main Photo: Outdoor Revival

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